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Independence day in Jaipur…

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India gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 15th August 1947. Kartik Lunia celebrated this recent 71st anniversary by taking his 1930 Minor Tourer USJ 1795 around the streets of Jaipur while flying the Indian tricolour from the back seat.

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Thoresby images added…

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Just six Minors made it to Thoresby for the annual Morris Register Rally held over the weekend of 11th & 12th August. Three further cars were scheduled to attend but…

Another Hornet Specials article added…

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Throughout the early thirties the coachbuilding trade produced a plethora of bodies for the very popular Wolseley Hornet chassis. In order to keep the buying public abreast of the range…

March 1931 ‘Motor’ Hornet Specials article added.

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Early Hornet Specials By March 1931 over a dozen coachbuilders were producing an extensive range of bodies for the Hornet chassis - a car that had been launched just eleven…

1932 Morris Light Transport leaflet

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1932 5cwt van data A 1932 leaflet entitled Morris Light Transport has been added to the Minor Vans page here. The leaflet can be found under the red button.

IOTW no.441


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WL 6556 1929 MG Midget

The 28th June 1929 edition of The Autocar carried a two-page road test (no.61) on an Oxford built MG MidgetWL 6556. This LAT scan features one of four photos  appearing in that article and displays the model’s interior with the dash panel, leather Moseley float-on-air seat squab, carpeting and rectangular door pocket clearly on view. The later Abingdon produced cars had front hinged doors with a brake cross-shaft hidden from view, while the centrally mounted horn button was also moved to a new position under the dash.

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Triple M corner no.110

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The Triple M series of MG’s all belong to a family of models that commenced with the 1929 MG Midget and continued through to the mid-thirties via a long string of four and six cylinder OHC engined cars that forged the marques identity.

1929 MG Midget (TM 5050) took part in many events between 1929 and 1931, usually in the capable hands of Miss Schwedler while occassionaly being driven by CGH Dunham. Here Miss Schwedler is seen at the wheel during the course of the 1930 WASA Lands End Trial.  The photograph first appeared in an April 1930 edition of the Autocar while this scan was taken from the heavily retouched print used in that publication. Much of that original retouching has subsequently been removed in Photoshop. TM 5050 survives in California having now been restored. (LAT photoscan)

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