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2017 POTY winner receives his award…

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At the rally dinner recently Halbe Tjepkema accepted the LAT Plate on behalf of the 2017 POTY competition winners, Arie and Tineke Roest. Earlier today (Sunday 24th June), Halbe called on the Roests in his 1929 Minor Fabric Saloon to hand over the award in person. Here Arie is seen accepting the plate alongside Halbe’s Minor and his own 1930 Jarvis Hornet Special , the subject of the award winning photograph.

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Event gallery updated

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There was a small Minor contingent at the 2018 LC&ES Summer Rally based upon Church Stretton in Shropshire. Peter Stubberfield's beautiful 1929 Tourer (VF 6700) was present as was Clive…

Another technical ‘Guide’ added…

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A further 'how to' guide by Joe Rayner has be added to the site, this one entitled: 'A guide to the replacement of Minor wheel studs and repair of a…

2018 Event galleries updated

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Further images were added to the foot of the 2018 Event Galleries page today.

Drive-it-Day gallery goes live…

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Images from those taking part in this year's Drive-it-Day event can now be found at the foot of the 2018 Event Galleries page here

IOTW no.434


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Appearing on he front cover of 18th December 1928 edition of the Motor magazine was an  MG Car Co. advertisement. (of which this is an extract) Alongside the new 18/80 six cylinder model was a depiction of the MG Midget, launched just two months earlier at the 1928 London Motor Show. What is interesting about this artwork is that the Midget body had still to undergo changes before the first production examples appeared just over a month later. This artist’s impression shows the car with a raised scuttle and sculptured doors ala the prototypes that appeared at the Motor Show, while the production bodies did not have either of these features. Also of interest is the Limerick CBC registration – TI 1271. Did the artist have a premonition concerning  the capacity of the engine that was to power the Wolseley Hornet some 16 months later? Doubtful, but an interesting co-incidence none-the-less.

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Hornet Specials no.31

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1935 Jensen Hornet Special: From being a comparatively lightweight six-cylinder model the factory Hornet Saloon gained weight and bulk throughout its six-year production life. The later ‘Special’ chassis’ supplied to coachbuilders in 1935 and 1936 were by now fitted with a 1378 cc version of the famous OHC power unit that started out in 1930 at 1271 cc. This 1935 Jensen ‘Allweather Sports’ Hornet was one of a long-line of Hornet based specials produced by the West Bromwich concern, this one showing off its sweeping mid-thirties styling to good effect, although the windscreen surround is reminiscent of the earlier Swallow Hornet models. (LATplate Motor 520-10)

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