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Little Red Rooster…

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Beggar’s Roost in Devon, U.K. is a notorious test hill which featured in many of the national trials that took place over the course of the first half of the last century. Plenty of  pre-war Minors successfully reached its summit while competing in these events and one 1930 MG Midget (RX 6795) famously ascended the ‘Roost’ 100 times without stopping. The ‘Beggar’s Roost’ sign pictured here is simply the name of a bungalow located approximately two metres above sea level and adjacent to a large fen  deep in a very flat part of rural Suffolk.

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More Pre-war Prescott images…

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Pre-war Prescott - Martin Gregory photos Further images have been...

2017 Rally details announced…

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It's Rutland! Please note the dates for our 2017 Rally...

Pre-war Prescott images…

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2016 Events Gallery updated... Grateful thanks to Philip Butland for...

Temporary forum address…

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2017 PWMN ‘Multum in Parvo’ Rutland Rally 23rd – 25th June …

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2017 Rally header

‘Multum in Parvo’ – ‘Much in little’

Put the dates of 23rd to 25th June 2017 in your diary now as the Network’s 8th annual rally is scheduled to take place over the course of that weekend, set in a beautiful corner of rural Leicestershire, just a stones throw distant from Rutland, England’s smallest county. More detail to follow soon including a rally page, with accommodation suggestions and a booking form.

2016 rally images

IOTW no.1 (reprised from July 2009)

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Reprise – IOTW no.1 from July 2009

This new feature will interchange with the COTW slot and provide an option to display some of the interesting images from the PWMN archive.

This first photograph is appropriate as it shows one of the assembly shops in Cowley through which two production lines pass. On the first track many workers are busy assembling what looks like a large six cylinder car, these chassis finishing up at the end of the line as an Oxford, Isis or Major. On the second such track sit eight OHC Minor chassis where it can clearly be seen that steering column, firewall, fuel tank, steering wheel and radiator have all been progressively fitted to the cars. As to where the workforce have gone is another matter as not one individual appears to be working on this line, in direct contrast to the six cylinder line. In the centre background are three apertures which look to be exits from what can only be a chassis painting area. One such chassis has exited this area which marks the end of the tracked line; the cars now being re-wheeled with rubber tyre artillery wheels for ease of movement elsewhere within the factory, next stop being the Body Shop. In the top right hand corner of this photograph can be seen two completed cars one of which already has a white label attached to is windscreen prior to it being moved away for final testing. The interior of the former Morris Motors Cowley Works could not contrast more with that of the current BMW Mini works located on the same site. I doubt that there are any upturned wooden ‘Morrells Ham’ crates doubling as workbenches or that fire extinguishers would be located so high up on a wall as to be next to useless in the event of a fire. What is most intriguing for the writer is that appearing somewhere in this 1930 photograph could be one of the Minors that 80 years later sits in a mid Suffolk garage not too far from where this article is being written!

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Triple M Corner no.27

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The Triple M series of MG’s all belong to a family of models that commenced with the 1929 MG Midget and continued through to the mid-thirties via a long string of four and six cylinder OHC engined cars that forged the marques identity.

This 1929 Bedfordshire registered MG Midget (TM 5284) is seen here competing in the (7th) December 1935 running of the MCC London-Gloucester Trial with L. Onslow-Bartlett at the wheel. At some point after June 1932 the car had been fitted with a McEvoy body (source Cowbourne) although this head-on view doesn’t permit many of the differences with the standard example to be seen. What the image does reveal is that the front wings are home-made cycle types while the front dumb-iron valance has been removed and the slatted radiator surround is another non-standard addition. The MCC awarded this  car/driver combination a third class award upon completion of the trial.

This image is located in the Motor Sport archive and is reproduced here courtesy of LAT Photographic.

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