2017 POTY comp – now open!

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Following-on from what has already been a momentous day for the pre-war Morris Minor I can now also announce that the 2017 POTY Competition is open for entries. The competition runs until 24th December, upon which day the winner will be announced although the entry list closes at midnight on December 20th. As in previous years LAT Images will contribute an A3 sized print selected from any of the images to be found on their website or from LAT images to be found in this website’s galleries, while Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance will contribute a £50 voucher. It should be noted that the voucher can now be spent on any of the insurance services the group provides and not just on vehicle insurance.  The winner of course is also awarded the LAT Plate which is usually presented at our rally dinner each June. LAT have also agreed to continue as competition adjudicators and a panel of three judges will sit to select the winning image.
While the prizes may attract some to enter, the real purpose of the competition is to provide a little light relief in the run-up to the festive season. Not all of us are expert photographers but we do all share a passion for the pre-war Minor, ‘M’ Type Midget or Wolseley Hornet and no doubt have a photo or two of our cars that we particularly like. If that is the case, then submit them for entry (up to a maximum of three per individual) and they will be included in the POTY gallery. You can email them to me at chris@prewarminor.com or post a hard copy print (address supplied on request). If you haven’t entered in previous years but have enjoyed viewing the entries please take the time to participate this time around. I for one am looking forward to viewing your images. The webpage with rules can be found here. http://prewarminor.com/2017-poty-competition

Lucas ‘T’ series tail lamps…

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Lighting the rear

Peter Brock has once again provided an excellent illustrated guide, this time for the Lucas ‘T’ series of rear lamps. The single-page PDF can be found under ‘Electricals’ in the Technical section within the Member’s Area.

Codes & secrets?

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Morris Group heiroglyphics

Some of the major components on Morris, MG and Wolseley cars were stamped with a series of  numeric codes, which until recently were all something of a mystery. Sam Christie has carried out an extensive study of these codes and wrote a fascinating article for the Triple M Register’s 2016 Year Book in which he details his findings. He has permitted the article to be seen on this website where it can be found in PDF form in the Member’s Area, under Technical Bits/Miscellaneous. Many thanks Sam.

White Minor page updated…

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White Minor in post-war competition

Thanks to former White Minor owner Robert Potter and current custodian David Baldock there now exists conclusive evidence that the White Minor took part in competitive events in the post-war era. Up until recently it was believed that the car’s competitive activity ceased in 1937, but that was not the case. Three important images have been added to the galleries along with a March 2017 Morris Monthly article which provides the background detail.

New Austin Seven page

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Austin Seven page now available to view.

The new ‘Austin Seven‘ page contains four galleries of period photographs, many of which have never been previously published. The page is only available for members to view.

Dismantling a Hornet four-speed gearbox

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Hornet four-speed box

‘Thanks’ go to Hugh Barnes for providing a 1951 ‘Motoring’ magazine article which details the steps required in order to dismantle a Hornet four-speed gearbox. The article can be found in the Member’s Area, Technical Bits section of the website under the ‘Gearbox, clutch & differential’ sub-heading.

New forum platform…

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Forum update

The site’s discussion forum has been updated by Tapatalk  and has moved to new servers. Familarisation with the new layout may take a little time but patience will be rewarded as there are many subtle improvements.  Should you have difficulty logging -in to the revised forum then please email the administrator here

Hornet Specials page launched…

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A swarm of Hornets!

A new webpage celebrating the Wolseley Hornet special is launched today. The new page resides in the Member’s Area of the site and contains two galleries in which are held over 100 images of over 30+ different models.